Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gentle Reminders

Dear friends being called away from life and work at RVA has sent me into an unexpected emotional tailspin and I’ve been more homesick in the past month than in all of my four years on the field.  During this painful month of May, I’ve been asking God to show me why I’m here. I want to remember His faithfulness and abundant clarity in bringing us here and I want to see again His faithfulness and abundant clarity in keeping us here.


Just outside our little white house in Kenya, we have a newly renovated bungalow.  It’s intention is to house student teachers for a term at a time, however this school year it has been used regularly by visiting parents, missionaries from all over Africa.  Its always been my joy and my blessing to host these families, whether they’re here for medical appointments at Kijabe Hospital or because their child is struggling or they’ve come to surprise their student for the weekend.  Truly, coordinating and maintaining the guest cottage and serving these families in this way is one of my favorite roles at RVA.

In these last few weeks of emotional upheaval, in all of my questioning and longing for home, I’ve hosted two different families from two areas of rural Tanzania.  Both had elementary aged homeschooling children with them and as they each did a load of laundry in my kitchen, we got to talking about life. 


Life in the bush.  Life where homeschooling happens with countless interruptions from visitors, needs that come knocking multiple times a day, all day long.  One of these moms was sharing that she has no medical background whatsoever, but has become the resident expert in her village, and the constant interruptions are taking their toll on schooling.  The other mom was sharing that her current fifth grader is already begging to come to RVA. She said “he’s just so ready to be in a classroom, learning alongside his peers, but I’m not sure I’m ready for him to be here.”


And I was reminded of two things:

1. The need for missionary family care and missionary kid education is very real.  We are here to help care for the whole family by hosting them in our little bungalow for a week AND by teaching and caring for their boarding kids.

2. It’s HARD for these families to send their kids here.  This is no light-hearted decision for them as they put an amazing amount of trust in us as staff to care for their children. Our role here is important!   

This.  These conversations over a load of laundry.  This is why we’re here.  And we do love what we do!  I love what I do.  I’m glad to be reminded of it this morning.  And I’m thankful for a patient and loving Father, who gently reminds me over and over again “this is why you’re here.” 

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