Saturday, October 31, 2015

many are the FACES of R.V.A.

Enjoy these shots from Multi-Cultural Day.  It is one of the most memorable events on RVA’s calendar for sure, a full day of celebrating the diversity with which God has blessed RVA! 

Students and staff are encouraged to dress in such a way as to represent their “home” countries.  For some that means where they were born (their passport country), for others they represent where their parents are currently working. For most, it’s a combination of all the places they’ve called home at one point or another. 

As you scroll down through the pictures, you may notice that the most patriotic thing I own is a Buffalo Bills polo.  Sorry, America.


The best part of each Multi-cultural Day is the FLAG CEREMONY.  This year, 30 flags were carried by students hailing from those countries.  They hold their flags high, processing as their National Anthem plays, and then they have the chance to greet or bless the crowd in their heart language.  We cheer loudly for each one, but the most enthusiastic cheers go to Kenya each year! 


We LOVE these students.  And we are PRIVILIGED to be a part of what God is doing in this GLOBAL COMMUNITY. 


Thanks for allowing us to be here.  For the expansion of His Kingdom.  Until the whole world hears. 

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