Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Home Assignment {so far} in Photos

Enjoy a few shots from our time Stateside so far.  Two months down, only three to go.  Unfortunately, time flies when you’re loving it! 

Family photos July 26th 130We were able to coordinate ONE evening where all 33 people in Dan’s “little” immediate family were together. We were sure to snap a quick picture to document it!   (2 Grandparents, 10 siblings/spouses, 21 grandchildren + 1 more due in October)







Our boys enrolled in swimming lessons for two weeks in August and boy, have they have come in handy since then!

DSC_0291-001DSC_0108DSC_0480DSC_0099No three-night family reunion would be complete without volleyball tournaments, swimming, hiking, and archery lessons.

DSC_0002Lots of visiting - Extended family, church family, supporters, friends.  One benefit of living in transition: our kids love people, quickly.  You wouldn’t believe the number of hugs they insisted on giving Great-great Uncle Joe and Aunt Jo, having only met them an hour earlier!

DSC_0026DSC_0001 (2)DSC_0008DSC_0004DSC_0008 (2)DSC_0012Hiking, working, and playing – lots of time spent and great memories made on Grandma and Grandpa’s farm!


DSC_0066 Sailing on Lake Erie?  Check.

DSC_0022A chance to pick up an RVA grad at the airport and deliver her to college?  Absolutely!  We jumped at the chance to walk Grace through her first steps on U.S. soil.  She ordered food at a drive-thru and went shopping for college basics at Wal-mart, all for the first time.


DSC_0616DSC_0521A long weekend with Oma and Buddy in Altoona gave us the opportunity to visit with Nana, as well as go out for icecream in our PJs, go bowling with buddy, and spend a whole day at DelGrosso’s amusement park. 


DSC_0050 (2)DSC_0107DSC_0122DSC_0195It has been SO good to be with family!


DSC_0022DSC_0002September marked the beginning of our stay in Western Pennsylvania and the start of homeschooling for the boys.  We are thankful for this time spent together as a family of five. 


DSC_0100DSC_0102DSC_0033DSC_0046 (2)DSC_0034 (2)

DSC_0080 (2)DSC_0084 (2)DSC_0058 (2)September also took us south to visit family again, this time in the form of a beach vacation.  The Lord blessed us with 7+ days of sunshine, laughter, close friends/family, and loads of fun.   

More pictures to come – THANK YOU to so many who have made our time here memorable and comfortable.  God has used you to bless our little world-traveling crew and we are couldn’t be more thankful!

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