Friday, March 28, 2014

On Field Support

We have a little guesthouse at our home in Kijabe.  Guesthouse is likely too fancy a term for the small bedroom and half-bath that sits just outside our back door a few yards.  I like to refer to it as the guesthouse or the guest cottage, though, and as its name would suggest, it houses many visitors passing through Kijabe. 


This small, unassuming out-building has opened up an additional ministry opportunity for our family and one for which I am thankful.  The Lord has indeed called us to Kenya primarily to teach third culture kids, but He continues to give us new opportunities to pour out blessing on these missionary families, beyond teaching their children.  Kijabe plays an important role in the missionary community of East Africa, one of education and healthcare, and as I’m finding out quickly, one of hospitality.

About two weeks ago, on the 13th of March, I was preparing to have Dan’s JV boys basketball team over for an ice cream sundae party when we received a call from our superintendent asking if we would be able to host friends of ours serving with TIMO in a remote part of Tanzania.  Turns out they were already en route, being flown to Nairobi by AIM Air and then transported to Kijabe to undergo testing due to severe abdominal pain.  {You can read the whole story on their blog if you’re interested.}  I readied our guestroom in case one or both of them would be staying the night, and friends of ours met them at the hospital to walk them through the administration there.   Not wanting to send them back to the bush without undergoing the proper tests and check-ups, they stayed with us for ten nights while visiting Kijabe Hospital periodically.

DSC_0015 (2)

And God radically blessed that time.  During the final push of second term, it should have been overwhelming to house guests.  It was not.   It was a JOY to have them with us, to extend our home as their home, our food as their food, and {sometimes} our kids as their kids. It was during those ten days that the Lord kept impressing on me: “this is why you’re here. this is why I have your family here, in this house with the guest cottage, in this ministry, in Kijabe, Kenya.” 

This is on-field support. 

We serve in a supporting role for missionary families – like many of you reading this blog from the US who pray and give and love on our family.  We provide on-field support for missionary families.  We teach and disciple and hang-out with their high-schoolers here at RVA, but we also serve those who otherwise have no affiliation with RVA.   It’s yet another layer of care for missionaries planting churches, translating Scriptures, and taking the Gospel to the least-reached. 

Yes, it comes without the excitement of witnessing people hear about Jesus for the first time and without the intricacies of learning a tribal language.  It’s a behind-the-scenes ministry that seeks to push the Gospel forth by taking care of the Lord’s workers.  And it’s a behind-the-scenes ministry we feel strongly about. 


We have a lovely little room for guests. It sits just off of our garage.  And we are delighted to make it available as the Lord leads, for the advancement of His global Kingdom and for His glory.

till He comes again,

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  1. PTL for opportunities, thanks for sharing. keep up the great work.


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