Monday, March 10, 2014

Jehovah Jireh

As we prepare to take our first home assignment in a few short months, I’ve been reflecting on the circumstances and events that the Lord orchestrated to bring us here and the way He has provided for our family in the days since.

It’s remarkable really, the way He continues to lead and guide us, assuring us that we are exactly where He wants us.  We joke often about living this backwards American dream – the upside down Kingdom dream I guess.


100_0532Pittsburgh 2006 (both photos)

You know the one:  We graduated from Geneva, Dan designing single-span bridges for a small engineering firm and me overseeing public school construction projects.  As the Lord led, Dan went back to school full time to earn a Masters in Secondary Ed, and we dropped one full-time job entirely.  Then we had Ethan and Nate within 17 months of each other.  I quit my job to stay home with them, and God provided Dan with a teaching position.  For five years, Dan taught in a public school district and I stayed at home to care for our children, adding Evelyn in 2011.   In June of 2012, Dan resigned from his teaching job and we packed our lives into 17 bags, boarding a plane headed to Kenya, where we wouldn’t be paid by the school at all, but rather by the Lord’s provision of money through His body, the church. 

Of course, the Lord, the God of the Universe, was orchestrating the whole thing.  He was preparing us for this. We slowly stepped down the corporate ladder over our 7 married years in the states, and He proved Himself faithful.  He showed up in big ways as He was leading us to RVA - raising what seemed like an insurmountable goal of support in 10 months and selling our house out from under us in 4 months.

DSCN1977our Shenango Rd house

It seems like there would be so much uncertainty in living this inter-dependent lifestyle, relying on the faithful stewardship of God’s body of believers, but I’m thankful to report it’s been remarkably rewarding, humbling, and anything but uncertain. 

It’s now March of 2014, four months shy of two years since we hugged the necks of many of you.  Two years since we connected face-to-face with the 64 family units who give to our ministry monthly and He continues to prove Himself faithful. 


Sixty-four families gave twelve times last year.  Another handful of families gave yearly or semi-monthly.  Four churches give as a congregation regularly.  Thank you!  Really, THANK YOU!   That’s roughly 70 family units and 4 churches allowing us to be sentproviding for our daily needs so we can invest in the Kingdom through this next generation of missionary kids.  




And that’s not even mentioning our prayer support.  We send out prayer requests semi-regularly by email to over 200 addresses.  Each time we do – you respond!  We get about 10% of you emailing us afterwards, letting us know that you are praying and updating us on your lives.  THANK YOU!


He IS our Jehovah-Jireh and we will continue to trust in His gracious provision as we serve here and as we look ahead to our home assignment.  I pray that we would continue to take seriously our responsibility as stewards of these resources and that we would have hearts overflowing with gratitude.

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