Thursday, January 30, 2014

Parenting from Afar

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“This choice isn’t me failing at parenthood, it isn’t me handing off the responsibility and gift of my children to someone else, it isn’t separate from my role as a mother. This choice of sending our children to boarding school is part of our parenting, it is what being responsible for the gift of these teenagers in our context…looks like.  It is me being the best possible mother I know how to be.  And because it breaks my heart and leaves me crying against doorframes and into pillows and at stop signs, it feels like failure.”

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The Things Teenagers Leave Behind  - Hands down the best article I’ve ever read regarding the tension that lies with many missionary parents who parent from afarRead it

“But just because something hurts doesn’t mean it is bad, wrong, or failed. This is, perhaps, one of the biggest things my teenagers leave behind. And I hope it is something they also take with. The realization that life won’t be easy, comfortable, or pain-free and the confidence that this is okay.”


Pray for the parents of the kids we teach and coach and mentor.  I guarantee that for most, their decision to pursue RVA for junior high and/or high school was not an easy one. 

Brave fathers and mothers across this continent express gratefulness for the opportunities that RVA provides all the while grieving an empty chair at the dinner table.   Because, as I’m sure, they still picture their seventeen-year-old young man or woman like this:




We still feel strongly called to stand in the gap, not to take their place {certainly not!}, but to come alongside them for this season, to help disciple and raise up a generation of Kingdom Builders, like their parents. 

Come serve these missionary families and be a part of what God is doing in Africa.

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