Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Home {a photo tour}

Karibu Sana!  Welcome to our humble little white house in Kijabe.   We’re so glad to have you.  We’ve been here in this home a little more than 17 months now and the decorator in me wanted to share with you our lovely little dwelling place. 

We’ve added our touches here and there, handmade and homemade and on the cheap, as per the usual with us.  So again, welcome! 

DSC_0016 (3)

DSC_0015 (2)

Isn’t it a lovely driveway? Endless child hours are spent running and chasing and riding and playing here. 



I’m keeping it real here.  So you’ll notice backpacks thrown on chairs and half-filled cups out on display.  I didn’t clean too much to take these shots. 

Shall we go inside? 

We have no entryway – our front door opens right into the main open floor plan.  Our house boasts high vaulted ceilings that tower up 11 or 12 feet.  Its my favorite feature and unique to this house on campus.  The house was built right into the hillside so it’s somewhat of a split level, with our hallway and bedrooms five steps up from our ground floor. 



Besides the high ceilings, I enjoy my kitchen.  It’s large and open and looks out into our yard where the kids play.  And with the number of students that we host regularly, I’m thankful to have a big hearty kitchen to prepare in. 


Looking down on our main rooms from the hallway, you can see how it’s one big space. 




Our Master Bedroom & tinsy winsy master bath.  Simple.  Yet kind of elegant I like to think….


with a touch of whimsy … Etta James’ At Last painted right on our wall. 



Our bathroom might be tiny, but the shower is pure hot water falling from a high shower head.  heaven.   (Not to mention it doesn’t smell of urine like the bathroom belonging to two little boys)

The kids bedroom – We recently moved all three kids into one bedroom.  Why on earth did we do this?  So we could use our third bedroom as a playroom, of course.  This is really working for us!

I did my best to tie together the boy colors and the girlie colors, keeping the bright pink curtains but painting two walls blue.  Their comforters share a common orange color.  I was going for a gender neutral room.  How did I do?



We kept Evelyn’s large wall decal on her wall, tucked inside her four-poster bed.  The boys big dresser nestled right into the large built-in like it was made to be in there and Evelyn’s clothes stayed put in her drawers and the open hanging space. 

DSC_0040 (2)

The playroom.  Again I was going with gender-neutral.  I found this cute bunting at a ministry table during the AIM Eastern Region Conference – it’s made by Tanzanian women with disabilities. 



My three can not get enough of drawing.  We’ve created a whole art gallery in here!






Situated in between the playroom and the kids bedroom is their smelly bathroom.  I didn’t clean the mirror.  I’m not about to pretend that the mirror is ever clean for longer than 10 minutes at a time. 


Back out in our main area - Moving toward my backdoor from the kitchen.  I share my kitchen space with my laundry space.  It’s a tad inconvenient, but it does force me to keep my laundry area clean.  No piles of clothes here! 


This little nook leads out the back door.  We have a small chest freezer tucked in here and shoes and boots and coats.  It’s the only space that remains untouched by my crazy painting and strange décor ways. 


If you were to pop in the back door and peak around the corner, you come into my kitchen again.  Get it?  


Most of the additions to our home have been with paint and/or free lumber or furniture. It turns out that becoming missionaries in Kenya doesn’t take the cheap dumpster diving spirit out of us; we’re still turning trash into treasure here, making this house a home. 

One last space we have here, our guest cottage, just makes me happy.  It’s quaint, but it’s cozy.  It sits just past our laundry line, about a 10 meter walk from our back door. 



The bedroom is just large enough to house a double bed and dresser. A half bath accompanies the bedroom.  We’ve had missionary couples stay with us often - Some whom we know and some just visiting their high schoolers here at RVA.  It’s been a blessing to offer housing for folks coming through.  Perhaps I should start a guestbook?

We’ve come to the end of our tour.  I’m thankful for our home. It’s suits us well. One of the older houses on the campus, it has hidden charms and features that make it unique.  I feel like Dan and I might have chosen it ourselves, if given a choice.  We’re drawn to the older homes that need a little love, after all. 

I’ll leave you with a few close-ups of the crafty free or nearly free treasures on our walls (and tables and floors). 

DSC_0006 (2)




DSC_0061 (2)

DSC_0004 (4)

DSC_0006 (4)

Well thanks for stopping by.  If ever you find yourself in East Africa, we’re only an hour from Nairobi, and we would love to host you! 

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  1. i want to come. love it, great work Court and i feel welcome. love you sis!


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