Monday, July 29, 2013

In their own words

We talk an awful lot on this blog - maybe it’s time you heard more from some RVA students!  During the last week of the term I gave my classes an open-ended writing prompt (impressive for a Math teacher, eh?) and told them we were hoping to post a few notes from students on our blog. 

Although many of the notes they wrote were flattering to us personally, that wasn’t the point.  We hoped to give you a glimpse from the students’ perspective of what we do here, and how the prayers and finances many of you graciously provide are impacting this side of the world for Christ. 

Here are a few things they had to say:


“Schmidt family, thanks so much for coming out here to serve!  I’ve really enjoyed you as my Algebra teacher!  Thanks for being a great example and an encourager in my spiritual walk with Jesus.”  Suzann

“Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt, I just want to say that you guys are really cool.  I love being with you and your kids.  Thanks for having us over to your house for popcorn sometimes, and thanks for always being so friendly.  I am so happy that you guys are gonna be our class sponsors!”  Heather


“I have known the Schmidts since the day they got here!  I love their family and it means a lot to me that our families could be such good friends.  God has lately been teaching me that I should put my trust completely in Him, especially because I am going to America and it is up to God what happens…thanks for a great year.”  Hannah

“Hello Schmidt family! I am so glad that God has called your family to serve here. Believe it or not, you ARE making a difference!  You have wonderful kids, and are raising them to be a godly, shining generation. You have no idea how much you have blessed me.  I loved being in your class this year because you make learning so much fun.  Thank you!  I’ve never enjoyed math as much as I did this year.  I’ve grown to respect you so much and I am thankful for your family’s friendship! :)”  Haley


“I moved to Africa at the age of 5 and have been here for 12 years of my life.  God gave me the amazing chance to board in Kenya at RVA just a year ago.  My family has been teaching people to copy the Bible by hand.  It helps you slow down and see the story more clearly.  God’s blessings to ya’ll!”  Namon


“Thank you for all your help this year, whether it was coaching soccer or during 5th period you have inspired me to press hard for God to the best of my ability.”  Evan

“Thanks for always encouraging me”  Katie

“Thank you for giving my parents the time and ability to continue their work for the Lord, which includes Bible studies with the people in our community and making long trips to the Pokot people.  Living here at RVA and meeting spiritual people helped me to discipline myself in my own walk with the Lord.”  Benji


“My parents work as church planters.  This is my second year at RVA.  Things here in Africa are not as ridiculous as it seems.  Living here teaches me to look at the whole picture of the world and something the Lord has shown me is that we should not be afraid or discouraged, no matter how nervous we are to share God’s word.”  Abby


“Thank you for making Algebra as entertaining as I think it will ever get! Thank you for showing Christ’s love to us through your patience and general funniness.  You and Mrs. Schmidt are awesome Caring Community leaders”   Sarah

“I am 14.  I was born in Louisiana but have lived in Africa my entire life.”    [Always one to be the class clown, she went on to say] “I enjoy riding elephants to school and petting my awesome cheetah.  Oh yea, and swinging on vines while yelling like Tarzan.  I also speak African and live in a hut.”   Claire


We are thrilled to play a small part in keeping these missionary families out here on the field, sharing the Gospel with the 900+ unreached people groups in Africa today. As the missionary family shared in the RVA video, “we’re here for you.  We’re not called to your ministry. We don’t know how you do it, but we’re here so you can do it.” 

Thank you for praying, giving, writing, and caring.  We are abundantly blessed by our faithful support team at home. 

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