Saturday, June 1, 2013


I know I’ve talked before about certain perks that come with living on a campus like RVA in a country as gorgeous as Kenya, but I thought I’d highlight a few of them. 


DSCN6740Flowers.  The top photo was taken in Nairobi, but the flowers in the second photo were found right outside my front door.  No need to purchase a bouquet, but even if you do, a dozen roses runs about $4… even on Mother’s Day.  Not too shabby.  And things are in bloom all year round here.  In fact, my lime tree is blooming a second time now since we moved in. 



Dan & I just sat on our front porch one evening as all three of our kids played with about 5 or 6 big kids in our front yard.

Big kids & little kids alike.  There is something about MK’s that transcends age. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but my three are regularly found playing with “big kids.”  I’m finding that 7th grade boys still like to wrestle and my two big boys like that they can go full force at them without getting in trouble.  Likewise the junior high girls fight over playing with Evie.  They frequently scoop her up and bring her back 15-20 minutes later.  It’s great!

DSCN6152Food pricing switch-er-oo.  I know I’ve talked about this one before but I can’t stress it enough.  I pay a fraction of the cost for Organic fruits/vegetables.  (I pay for it through the nose though with the cost of cheese and meat and cereal – but this is a post about perks not annoyances)

Also related to food:  I just started getting Organic raw milk delivered to my doorstep three times per week from a Kenyan man here.  I pasteurize it myself on the stovetop (I’m not looking for any comments on that one – while it may be safe in America to drink raw milk, I’m not taking any chances in a country where TB and other diseases still exist).  Do you know what I pay for 4L (just over a gallon) of milk? About $2.60.  Perk.




DSCN6752And then I just tried something this morning with the cream I skimmed after pasteurizing. I shook and I shook and I shook.  And I really did get butter!  How cool is that?!

27148_10151939897692224_71701009_nThe views.  Pictures tend not to do this place justice as far as the beauty of it all.  And though this picture comes close, it’s still better in person.  I (sadly) did not take this picture, Mr. Mark Kinzer did, but really. How do you beat this view?

Since the last post was a bit heavy – I thought I’d show off some of the FABULOUS extras that come with life in Kijabe on a mission station. 

Thanks for reading & praying & giving & sending!

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