Monday, March 18, 2013

The days that were formed for me

I don’t find myself with many words since last Wednesday - last Wednesday when we got a call to pray for a little girl named Hannah Kelley.  She was undergoing emergency brain surgery minutes after the prayer chain call was sent out and all of RVA was lifting her before the throne of God above. 

Hannah was just 13 months old and the daughter of a missionary doctor serving at Tenwek Hospital (also in Kenya).  Their family just made the journey to Africa five short weeks ago.   Hannah struggled since arriving with vomiting and it was last week that they discovered the tumor.  Last Wednesday she was in the hands of a world renown Pediatric Neurosurgeon down at Kijabe Hospital and all of Kijabe and people around the world were praying for her healing.  And the Lord heard and answered with healing, full and complete.  Just beginning their ministry and setting up their home, the Lord saw fit to call their little girl home. 


Hannah’s daddy, Aaron, writes beautifully about this hard hard journey {with a faith much stronger than my own and in words I’m not sure I’d be able to articulate} at

Death is part of this fallen world and no life is more precious than another, but some seem to hit harder than others.  Like, for instance, a young missionary dad who leaves behind a wife and 6 children like AIM missionary Chris Gennaro, who died in February or a thirteen month old little girl who leaves behind a mommy & daddy & 3 big brothers at the start of their missionary journey. 

Continue to pray for Michelle Gennaro and her 6 children as they continue to grieve and meet with friends, family and supporters in the States.  And please pray for Aaron and Stephanie Kelley and their three boys as they return to the US for Hannah’s memorial and as they plan to return to Tenwek to serve.  

And hug your kids extra tight tonight,

in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.  Psalm 139:16 esv

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