Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life is Full

Life is full of three little ones, two of which are in preschool and it’s their mamma’s turn to teach in March.  I find myself photocopying coloring pages and thinking up songs that have to do with caterpillars and ladybugs.


Life is full of variety nights and caring community nights and class parties filling our calendar right through each weekend.  With students that live twenty-four hours a day with us on campus, most evenings are scheduled, and we find ourselves having to schedule our own down time. 

Life is full of study – Dan involved in mens’ groups and me with a Thursday morning women’s study and a small monthly prayer group.  We are seeking the Lord as Dan reads through the Bible in a year for a second time and I work to memorize James


Life is full of relationships.  Deep, meaningful friendships beginning to take root – some with staff, some with students.  Our children continue to be a window into building relationships with students, in addition to our activities on campus.  Nearly everyone knows Ethan, Nate and Evie.

Life is full of the bittersweet.  Hearing from loved ones so far away fills us up with happiness and yet comes mixed with sorrow.  We read of the old testament prophets and can’t help but resonate with them on some level – called to GO despite hardship and pain in leaving but also finding the JOY of the Lord is our strength.

Life is full of blessing as we serve here.  Little things that cause us give thanks to the Father. 

Last Saturday morning spent with twenty-some other women learning how to more faithfully love and serve our husbands. 

A 30-day fitness challenge that I couldn’t resist signing up for, three days a week at 6:20am. 

Kijabe Hospital and faithful missionary doctors who are just a walk down the hill when we need them.

An abundance of raspberries and strawberries donated to RVA last week! We feasted like Kings!


In this season, it seems life really IS full.  And we are full of thanks. 

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