Thursday, February 28, 2013

Continued Prayers for Peace

On Monday, at over 30,000 polling stations across the country, Kenyans will vote in their presidential election.  I wrote briefly in January asking for you to pray for this country, the nominees, and the people of Kenya.  Your prayers for peace and unity among Kenyans are still greatly appreciated, as we long to see continued growth and development in this relatively stable country in East Africa. 

The above document comes directly from the US Embassy in Nairobi.  It lays out where we are as far as peaceful elections are concerned and is worth a read.  We are kept well-informed here at RVA through the Embassy and our Asst. Superintendent. 

And we are praising God already that the weeks prior to elections have gone remarkably well (especially in comparison to five years ago)!  As our Assistant Superintendent said in an email earlier this week, we have seen very little trouble around the country, the currency continues to be stable, and we’ve had no warning signs like food/fuel shortages.  People seem legitimately determined to have peace.  Continue to pray toward that end. Campaigning will officially end around the country on Saturday, things should be quiet on Sunday and voting happens on Monday.

That being said we are preparing for anything by having stocked up on a few weeks worth of groceries in case travel restrictions confine us to Kijabe.  Kijabe hospital is making preparations with extra supplies on hand to accommodate additional patients or in case supplies are unable to reach the hospital.

We do appreciate your prayers for peace in this season and your prayers for our family as always. 

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