Friday, February 8, 2013

Mourn with those who Mourn


She showed up at my door in her usual way, sweater draped over her arm, holding a canvas shopping bag with a tea-towel covered plate of tortillas.  It was around lunchtime, her usual time to visit.  The day of the week was all wrong though.  It was Monday, she usually came on Wednesdays. 

Ethan greeted her and came to get me.  I went outside and hugged my sweet Kenyan friend Elizabeth hello!  She sat down on the porch and apologized for not coming last Wednesday.  I said that was OK and asked about her mother, who I knew was in the hospital previously.  Her eyes welled right up and she explained that her mother had passed on Wednesday morning and that is why she couldn’t come last week. 



The burial would be this coming Wednesday so she was bringing my tortillas today, a Monday (10 from the last week she missed and 10 for this coming week). In the midst of her grief, this aging widow herself, thought to bring me two week’s worth of tortillas. 

We sat on the porch bench together for two hours on Monday.  I listened as she told story after story of her mom, stories from her childhood and stories from her adulthood.  She cried.  We prayed. 

Her mom lived for 96 years on this earth.  They held a memorial service at her church on Sunday for her and over 200 people came.  Elizabeth said one at a time, people shared how her mother taught them to memorize God’s Word in Sunday School as little children and told of the lasting impact her mother made in their lives.  Elizabeth is confident her mother is in the arms of Jesus and she will see her again.  And we thanked God for that, for leaving a lasting legacy to her 7 daughters of whom Elizabeth is one and to those 200+ Kenyans she impacted as well. 





As I sat there with her that afternoon, I just prayed God would let me leave that kind of legacy.  That God would take this broken, sinful heart of mine and mold and shape it in such a way that His plan and His purposes and His love shine through.  I don’t know about having 200 people impacted by anything God does through me, but it’s my prayer that the 3 little people in my life are drawn closer to their Heavenly Father because of His gracious work in my life. 

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  1. thanks for sharing. keep up the good work as a mother. you will and do leave an impact on those precious 3. keep striving to bring them JESUS! love to you.


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