Sunday, February 24, 2013


Pinching Ants.  Army Ants.  Safari Ants.  Siafu (kwa Kiswahili).  They go by a few names.  They march in lines, thousands at a time.  And you do not want to stand in their way or sit down on them (as Ethan found out).  


They can usually be found on any given day in our yard or driveway and if you happen to get in their way, they attack.  They prefer to wait until they’re on soft thin skin to bite, so they crawl to places like your inner thigh or your armpits and bite, sometimes drawing blood.  But they’re also quick.  If you happen to put your flip-flopped foot in a line of siafu, you will instantly have 20+ starting up your ankles.   They hide in your clothes and will pull a sneak attack when you think you’ve gotten all of them off.  Really, the only remedy seems to be to shed all clothing and change, pick them all off of your skin, and then wash your clothes. 



My kids have gotten into pinching ants so often that Evie now proclaims “Ants!” every time she has an itch, whether she’s been outside or not. 

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  1. and THERE is the reason I will not be joining you in Africa. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I have the heebs.


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