Monday, January 28, 2013

Rest & Retreat

I spent the weekend at Brackenhurst Conference Center in Limuru with about 75 other women from Africa Inland Mission at the 2013 AIM Ladies Retreat.  It was fabulous!  The grounds at Brackenhurst are just beautiful and make for such a relaxing, peaceful escape. 



The theme of the sessions? Relationships. The speaker delved into our relationship with God, with others and with ourselves, highlighting issues with finding our identity in Christ (rather than in the approval of others, etc) and the process of forgiveness & reconciliation.  We concluded our sessions on Sunday morning by meditating on Isaiah 43:1-7 and celebrating Communion together. 

Several crafty options were available to participate in, as well as workshops on Scripture Memory and Journaling, among other things.  I’m hoping to post more on what the Lord is teaching me about these disciplines, but that’s for another day. 

Another valuable resource that was offered to us as missionary women was a free hour of counsel by AIM’s Tumaini Counseling Center.  Two counselors attended the retreat and were available to talk.  It was an optional sign-up, as were the workshops and crafts, but what a resource to have available!  I continue to be impressed at the care and concern that AIM has for its members: Tumaini being a major part of that.  You can find out more about their service to missionaries here.


DSC_0084Roomies for the weekend,  photo by Jill Wills

As if those things weren’t enough, it turns out that two Pampered Chef parties were held in our honor back in the states a few months ago, where women could purchase items to be donated to us and all of the “host” earnings were also donated.  The speaker then brought with her (from the states) around 200 Pampered Chef items to be “given away” during the weekend.  I came home with a mix & scraper spatula and a set of flexible cutting mats!  So fun and thoughtful!!

It was a wonderfully refreshing and energizing ladies retreat and I’m so glad I could attend!  Dan did a great job at home with the kids all weekend, even without any internet connection (RVA’s internet went out on Friday afternoon and didn’t come back on until late morning on Monday).  He even hosted Caring Community on Saturday night and had lunch duty in the cafeteria on Sunday.  In fact, he did SUCH a good job, I may need to make retreats a more common practice. 

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  1. so glad you got away. and good job Dan. love to you all!!


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