Sunday, January 6, 2013

Renewal for this New Year

The second term of the school year began on Thursday the 3rd.  We were eased into the term by beginning with a two day school week.  I commented to Dan on Saturday that I feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm this January.  An enthusiasm I didn’t know in August when we began our first term here.

We were engulfed in traveling and speaking and support raising and moving and packing and moving again and good-byes from July of 2011 until we departed on July 9, 2012.  We went to Georgia, Chicago, Zurich, Nairobi and Machakos before landing at our home in Kijabe.  Once in Kijabe, we attended new staff orientation, language learning, and in-service before kicking off the first term, when 400+ students land here and all of campus is a flutter.  We had very little rest, very little advanced warning. 

Having one term under our belt, we better understand what to expect. We also had a five week break from the busyness and the schedules and the noise of term.  We were able to reflect on what went well and what went not-so-well for our family.  We relaxed, for the first time in over a year, really.  And it was SO restful. 




The Lord really blessed the month of December for us as a family I think.  We expected December to be hard, our first Christmas in Africa, and we certainly would have preferred to be able to squeeze our loved ones and see our dear friends, but God did something unexpected this December. He covered us in peace.  He assured us of our place and our purpose here for this time.  He grew in us a love for this place and for people here.  And as a complete gift to us and to our families back home, we were able to communicate across the miles as if we were in the same room. 


And so we come to January, the beginning of this new term, refreshed.  We come renewed and anticipating our roles. Dan has the same teaching schedule, and he will coach junior high boys basketball.  He will still cover Nyati dorm on Monday evenings as well.  I am taking on a few new responsibilities this term that I’m excited about.  I’m taking over as the Sunday School coordinator as well as helping the 10th grade sponsors with many class nights and activities.  This is quite a bit more than I took on first term, but I’m encouraged and excited about being able to serve in these capacities. 

He is certainly going before us and equipping us to serve and we are blessed by that.  

We appreciate your prayers and support and we really appreciated your generous feedback on our THANK-YOU video.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, please do. 

All of our love,

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