Saturday, January 12, 2013

only at RVA

3 unique snapshots of the atmosphere on the campus here at RVA – all of which took place Friday morning.  Gotta love this place!  For other related observations, check out my recent teaching in Africa post.

1.  3rd period – Math 7:  A young lady walks into class slowly, holding something and approaches the front of the room where I am reading announcements for the day.  “Mr. Schmidt?”  “Yes, what is it, Abi?”  Certainly she forgot her homework or left her book in her locker – this would be a typical question right at the beginning of class, right?  Not here.  “Is it okay if I keep this here during class?”  “Keep what?”  She then proceeds to reveal what she’s holding – a lizard is sitting very still, presumably frozen in fear, in her hand.  It’s only about 2 inches long.  She caught it outside of her dorm shortly before class.  I can’t help but laugh.  “Sure, that’s fine – just keep it at your seat.”  Later that period, I was forced to relocate our guest to the back of the room due to distraction; it turns out when a lizard poops on the index card someone is holding, that student and several of her classmates think it’s pretty funny!

2.  4th period – Algebra 1:  I walk into my classroom after chai break.  On the board, a student has written something:

“Algebra, please stop asking us to find your x.  She isn’t coming back.”

Hilarious.  Laughed out loud and then proceeded to teach…how to find x.

3.  Then I was walking home for lunch.  As I proceeded up the steps and past one of my favorite trees on campus (it’s huge – the first branches don’t extend past the trunk until at least 12 feet up and the diameter at the base must be 7 or 8 feet), I am caught off guard briefly when it sounds like something just crashed to the ground behind me.  But in the next split second, I remember that Caleb (one of my 8th grade students) likes to eat his lunch while perched in that same tree and that Caleb also likes trying to get a rise out of his teachers by, for example, jumping out of a tree right behind them.  Turning around calmly, sure enough, I see his goofy grin and assure him, “Nice try, but I knew it was you!”


Happy to share a little slice of life with you!

God bless,

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