Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crafty things of late

I have not forgotten about the design challenge I put out there a few months ago.  Some of you have indeed taken me up on sending items of a crafty sort and I thank you for that!  I think I finally have enough done to warrant a short blog post on it. 

I’m finding more and more that there are things we just take for granted at being easily accessible in the states and they’re nearly impossible to find here in Africa.  Now on a more serious note, that can be things like clean drinking water and electricity or gas, and I have a post in the works about the conservation of such things and what that looks like here, but today I’m speaking of homemaking & decorating & all things crafty.



Over the December break, I made an apron for Veronica, my friend & helper.   She was wearing an apron that was permanently stained and falling apart.  The striped fabric and the dark brown fabric of the pocket were both purchased at a missionary yard sale here in September.  I think the striped fabric was a shower curtain at one time.  The light brown fabric that lines the pocket came in a care package from Diane Mateer & l think compliments the browns and reds in the apron.  Thank you Diane!


Moving right along – I finally have my kitchen somewhat together & working for me.  The fabric for my valances I found on Biashara Street in Nairobi (which is funny because it’s very American in style and not at all Kenyan so it stuck out like a sore thumb in the store).  The fabric circles are just that – fabric inside of embroidery hoops hung on the wall.

I removed the doors on my way upper cabinets, painted the insides the same color as my bottom cabinets and then decorated with {get this} wrapping paper!  The red print is a sell-by-the-sheet wrapping paper that I duct taped onto foam board.  I used a remnant of my valance material around foam board as well for depth. 

Ah, foam board.  It’s not available here and I contemplated using cut-up cardboard boxes, but thanks to my sis-in-law Rachel Meyers and Jill Wills {who, by the way, was packing her own family to move to Africa and managed to bring ME foam board from the states – what a friend!}, I had enough foam board to do my top cabinets! Yay! Thank you Ladies!!



The little vignettes I started inside of my display cabinets are just repurposed cans and bottles.  The cans I wrapped in scrapbook paper (thank you Sarah Evans).  The bottle I wrapped in jute with a strip of fabric (both from my sister Bri) and tied a pretty bow with braided ribbon (also in that sweet crafty package from Sarah Evans)!


This next one is truly a work in progress.  Out in the catch-all office and dining room, I hung a large {and I mean large} stretched fabric frame.  I purchased the wooden frame with a print that didn’t suit my space from a friend here, took off the printed fabric and stapled pieces of fabric that I liked better onto the frame. 



The burlap with subway art began its life as a table runner. I cut that baby in half and stapled it on as well. To finish it off, I used the remaining burlap from the runner to create two flowers with rosette middles. All just scrap fabric that I purchased at a missionary yard sale. I got a large pile of remnants for about 200 shillings ($2.75) at that sale.

I think that’s all I have for now to share.  Although now that Veronica has a new apron, Ethan and Nate have been asking me to make them one so I think that project will be in the works soon…

DSCN6069 and I think I have just the fabric for little boys aprons {wink wink Rachel Meyers & Sarah Evans)! 


  1. so neat to see how you are using your creativity and scraps to make beautiful creations. You are inspiring. Glad you found some use out of things I have had laying around. keep up the good work making old things into new just like CHrist loves to do in us. love you sis! and miss you.

  2. You're amazing! I'm coming over today to see all this in person!!

  3. Love it! Thanks for explaining the details, so I can use some of these ideas. :) Your home looks wonderful.



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