Saturday, December 29, 2012

December at a glance

A few friends have asked what Christmas preparations look like in Africa.  I thought I’d post on what our December break has consisted of – in pictures of course.

DSCN5680We started new traditions – I purchased a Cradle-to-the-Cross wreath before coming out to Kenya, as we hadn’t yet started advent traditions with our children.  We really wanted to have meaningful devotion as a family leading up to the celebration of Jesus’ birth. 


DSCN5758And yes we did decorate for Christmas!  I made fresh garland from pine needles and pine cones collected in my neighbors yard.  The curly pieces are actually wood shavings from a shelf Dan built us.  He had to hand plane the wood and I thought the resulting scraps would look pretty in my handmade garland.

DSCN5759 I made sure to bring our stockings, a good number of ornaments and part of my Willow Tree nativity with us.  I also purchased an artificial tree, sight unseen, from a family leaving RVA before we came.  I thought it was important to keep Christmas as familiar as possible.  In hindsight, I’m really glad that I did that. 

If you look closely, you’ll notice we got a rug for our living room! We purchased it from our neighbor and we’ve never been so happy to have soft carpet to sit on. Cozy!


DSCN5778We baked and decorated Christmas cut-out cookies.  Always a favorite!

DSCN5791Our bunk beds were finished and delivered! In an earlier post, I mentioned that we were having some furniture made by a local Kenyan man, Michael.  It took three months to receive two pieces of furniture, but we were able to design them ourselves and that was pretty neat!  The boys each have a small bookshelf at the head of their beds for treasures and there are three drawers under the bottom bunk.

DSCN5794We watched lots of movies during December.  With Daddy home and it being Christmas time, the kids enjoyed Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, Winnie the Pooh & Christmas Too and Mickey’s Christmas, along with a few Disney Classics that we borrowed from the Library.  (We may be going through withdrawal in January!)




DSCN5806Fortunately with a campus full of people away from their families for the holidays, there are plenty of planned events for staff members!  We went into Nairobi for a family swim day at Rosslyn Academy on the 21st!


DSCN5813One Saturday morning, we went for a hike/bike ride on a nice easy trail here in Kijabe with a bunch of folks from RVA.  Nate was such a trooper, riding & carrying his big wheel the whole way! 

DSCN5815One of Ethan’s favorite things to do in the whole world is ride his bike!  In the above picture, he’s the one in the middle with the blue helmet. 

DSCN5873On Christmas Eve, after delivering boxes, we went sledding with a few other families! 



DSCN5896Christmas morning looked remarkably similar to some of your Christmas mornings I’m sure.  The kids were up bright and early at 6:30am, ready to open gifts!


DSCN5893And thanks to inventions like FaceTime & Skype, our family was able to watch the kids open presents!!  How wonderful to live in the age that we do with communication across an ocean at our fingertips. 

Hope your December was Merry & Bright and that the Love and Comfort and Peace that is Jesus Christ permeated your hearts and homes this Christmas!

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