Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve in Kijabe Town


Over the course of this first term, part of our tithes and offerings given at RVA church were going toward Christmas Eve donations for the local community.   As newbies, we had no idea what this meant, but this morning we got to be part of a team distributing these boxes and thought we’d share some of that blessing with you.

Each year, the elders of the local A.I.C. of Kijabe (Africa Inland Church) prayerfully discern who among the surrounding community is in critical need, not just materially poor, but materially poor and without family aid.  RVA purchases basic necessities like flour, sugar, maize, margarine and shoes(among other things) and spends a Saturday filling the boxes to be distributed. 

On the morning of Christmas Eve, teachers and doctors and kids from Kijabe station split up into teams, each team being led by a Kenyan guide from AIC Kijabe with directions.  This year we had 50 gifts to deliver.  Each team stops at 6-7 houses to distribute the Christmas box, pray, and sing a carol or two.


DSCN5837Our family joined two other families to go to 6 houses in the Kijabe area.  On our third stop, we went to the home of a widow in her 70’s or 80’s (Sho-sho means Grandmother in Kikuyu) with severe back problems, whose daughter was unable to get out of bed, having just had a stroke several weeks ago.  In the midst of chickens, dogs, and cows roaming just outside their door, there were 8-10 barefoot children as well. I am unsure whether these children were part of the home we came to visit or if they were coming to see the group of mazungus (white people) gathered there.



The women we visited often closed their eyes and lifted their hands towards heaven as we sang and prayed with them.  They spoke mostly in Kikuyu and Swahili, praising God for the miracle these boxes were to them.  My kids shook hands with the Kenyan children and gave out lollipops.  Laughter and smiles and candy transcend language barriers. 



Our families here at RVA, though sacrificing much to live in Africa, are abundantly blessed.   And it was a beautiful morning to share the love, peace and hope of Christ with six different families in our community. 







From our family to yours, a very Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Great pictures and a great way to spend Christmas eve! Love you guys! Lisa's parents are up for a couple days so we are spending some time with them! Have a great Christmas...and PS, we may have a way to facetime you soon! Shh!


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