Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Schmidts in Africa :)

We are happy to report that my parents made it safely across the Atlantic (and the Mediterranean, for that matter) on their first ever trip to Africa!  They arrived late Friday evening into the bustling Nairobi airport, a little travel weary, but excited to be here.  The original plan included a stay-over at Mayfield Guesthouse that evening, but my traveling partner Tony and I decided to make the hour and half drive back to RVA in the dark instead. 

Saturday morning my parents were introduced to one of craziest days in RVA’s calendar, the Pinewood Derby. Quite a production, to say the least.

DSCN5377 RVA’s annual Pinewood Derby: complete with DJ, play-by-play commentary, official computer scoring, and a video instant replay!



Nate’s police car and Ethan’s Dingo Dog car (Richard Scarry) were both entered into the Pinewood Derby but didn’t make any waves in the final standings. Maybe next year!

It is awesome having Mom and Dad here and so good to see them after several months.  The kids are loving having Grandma and Grandpa here with them!  Even as I type, Nate is asking if he can wake Grandpa up from his Sunday afternoon nap :)



This morning was Baptism Sunday and certainly a neat introduction to the RVA community here for my parents.  Eleven students were baptized after making public declarations of their faith in Christ in the baptismal behind the school gymnasium.  A beautiful setting and powerful testimonies made it a special morning.  Each candidate shared a verse and often a parent was able to perform the immersion. 

One parent said that their son had the opportunity to be baptized while on home assignment in Switzerland, but chose instead to wait until he was back at RVA – a powerful testimony to the community of faith here that nurtures and encourages so many students!

DSCN5385The outdoor baptismal area

God bless you and yours as we praise Him for blessing us and ours :)

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