Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas comes early at RVA

So it’s November 20th.  In the States, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Here in Kenya, we’re enjoying gifts of all sorts, well before the Christmas season. 

Already we’ve watched a Christmas pageant put on by the 5th and 6th graders (Nov. 11th), welcomed the gift of having my parents here to visit for a few weeks (Nov. 16th), attended two Christmas concerts put on by the students in concert band and jazz band (Nov. 18th and 19th), heard the joyous news that our nephew, Clarksyn Kade Schmidt, was brought into the world healthy and strong (Nov. 19th or 20th, depending on which side of the phone conversation you were on – his birthday will always be the 20th in our minds!), found a tortoise hiding in our flower bed (this morning), and opened presents brought over from family in the States (this afternoon). 

pageantA Christmas pageant on Nov. 11th?  Yep!

baby ClarksynProud parents and baby Clarksyn

DSCN5410A griddle for Christmas?  Leary family, you shouldn’t have!! THANK YOU!

DSCN5406Yes, this is a tortoise and yes, he’s chilling in our flower bed as I type :)

In the States, I leaned towards keeping Christmas in the month of December, but I admit it’s been fun seeing it come a little early in Africa. 

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