Friday, September 21, 2012

Design Challenge

Those of you who know me well know that I’m an interior designer at heart.  As a full-time momma and part-time hospitality coordinator (a position I just gave myself recently as we start to host students, staff & guests in our home), I spend a great deal of time in & around my house.  Now, this is a great thing for me, a true homebody & lover of all things warm, cozy & comforting.  BUT it does present it’s struggles too. 
DSCN4920Did I mention they started painting our house?! This is our bedroom in progress.
I’m also an aspiring minimalist, striving to live simply & gratefully with less, which does carry over into the design & feel of our home. This is a complicated topic I realize and I have a lot of growing to do in the area of materialism & wealth & good stewardship, but we moved our family of five into our home at RVA with just 15 bags weighing 49.5lbs each.  We are thriving here so far and we are learning. 

I am being stretched and challenged though to make my home a warm, friendly, cozy, comforting place for us as a family and for our visitors.  Included in those 15 bags were things like my glue gun and glue sticks, my sewing machine, some scrapbook paper and a precious few other crafty things.
DSCN3022I realize that I never did purchase designer items and in fact decorated our Shenango Road house using an old ladder, an old sled, discarded panel doors and flooring underlayment.  But I also had a newly opened Hobby Lobby, a JoAnn’s, a Lowes, and a Home Depot all at my disposal.  Here I do not. (Disclaimer:  We do have a maintenance store on campus here with a few things I may be able to use and a small hardware duka in Kijabe.)
SO – It’s up to you if you want to participate in this design challenge!
Here are the rules:  If you would be willing to send us me a package with one or two or three of the craft supplies I’ve listed below OR some you come up with on your own, I will put them to good use DIY style in my home and then blog about it, giving you full credit for the item(s) used.
 Sharpie Paint Pens (black especially)
Fun Hobby Lobby knobs
Ribbon / buttons etc.
Canvas painters drop-cloth
Scrapbook paper / double sided tape / photo tape etc.
Foamboard (will have to be cut down to fit in a flat-rate bubble mailer)
Anything Seuss (Ethan & Nate’s room in dr. seuss)
Sound fun?  Let me know what you think (either here or on facebook)!
Currently I’m working on getting some scrap pallets & fence for a few signs I want to make.  Trying to round up unused items is a much harder task here!  Stay tuned and happy crafting!


  1. There is a store at the Yaya Center that has ribbons/buttons/sewing notions... : ) Its called Buttons and Bows, I think... I know that it probably isn't that easy for you to get to Nairobi, though...

  2. its a little challenging to get to the exact place you want to go in Nairobi, yes. If people are going and if there is room in their car and if it works with your schedule :) But I will definitely look that place up Ellen, thanks!

  3. Courtney - we need to know specifics on shipping abilities. What can we ship, how, in what size, etc.?


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