Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a week in the life …

The students arrived. First term is underway. You can probably gather [since my last post was over a week ago] that we’re keeping quite busy here.  RVA houses it’s students for each three month term and this lends itself to afternoon, evening, and weekend activities that involve students and staff alike.  There are sports practices after school each day [first term has women’s basketball, men’s football (soccer), men’s and women’s tennis], dinner in the cafo, evening library study hall, devotions in dorms, etc.   Weekends boast class meetings, special events, caring community groups, Sunday school and church, student-led evening worship, and more I’m sure. 

When we first got appointed with AIM in 2011 with the anticipation of serving at RVA, the candidate director let us know that he didn’t know of any math positions opening up.  He asked us to consider serving in another capacity (likely as dorm parents).  So we talked and prayed about what exactly we were being called to do.  What did the Lord have for us at RVA?  And we came to the conclusion that we felt strongly about caring for missionary kids and their families, to encourage and equip them to stay on the field by supporting their kids.   We didn’t feel like teaching them math was necessarily the end-all of our calling.  Later we did find out that there was indeed an open math position here and we were ushered into that role.  So yes, Dan’s primary role here is as a math teacher.  He’s teaching full-time, four sections of Algebra and one section of Math 7, and so far he loves teaching here.   It’s been a huge encouragement to him and to our family, but we were called to RVA for more than Dan’s 7:30-3:30 school day.   We were led here for all of those “extras” and we’ve started in with a few of them already. 

Dan is coaching junior high boys football (soccer).  Practices are 4 times a week and the game schedule is far less intimidating than JV or Varsity, as scheduled games don’t begin until after mid-term break in October.   He’s thrilled to be coaching and it was a great fit for our family since the time commitments are not as demanding. 

Dan’s also covering a dorm Monday nights from 7-10pm.  Our dorm parents work a 24/7 job and they get one evening off a week to do as they please.  Many go to Bible Study or hang out as a family without the demands of their dorm. 

I’m working in the library on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30pm. The library is open as a study hall four nights a week until 8:30.  It’s a great opportunity to meet some of the upperclassmen as they come to work on homework (calculus mostly). 

Dan and I are hosting a caring community group in our home once a month.  We will meet with the same caring community group all year long.  We just had our first one this past Saturday evening with six 9th graders (we have seven total, but one of our girls doesn’t arrive until second term).   We had a blast talking/hanging out with them!  I am really looking forward to getting to know them better this year!

Sunday school for all grades (preschool through grade 12) happens each Sunday morning, and the 9th grade men & women do a study on Biblical masculinity/femininity.  Dan is helping to lead that class, along with 5 or 6 other staff members.  Sunday mornings also yield opportunities to serve in the nursery and at children’s church and I’ll be serving there occasionally too.

One last bit that we are doing is attending Bible studies ourselves.  Dan has lunch with a group of male staff on Fridays for a time of Bible study and I am in a study on Thursdays with about 10 women.  We’ve only just started meeting together, but the staff here have been over-the-top fabulous in terms of intentionality in prayer and encouragement.  We could not feel more positively so far with how the Lord has taken care of us on this end. 

And my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in Glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

Praise God that no good thing does He withhold!


  1. praise the Lord great to hear God loves to care and bless his children. keep up the great work. love you and miss you .


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