Friday, August 31, 2012

RVA in pictures

Welcome!  We would love to show you some photos of our new home here at Rift Valley Academy.  As a disclaimer, the photos really do very little justice to the beauty of this place. 


This is upper gate.  RVA has three gates like this but this is the one closest to our house.  Africa Inland Church (AIC) of Kijabe is just across the street in this picture.  We worship there once a month with the students and each Sunday during breaks.





Some of the roads winding throughout the school’s campus.  We have a network of dirt roads that connect our houses & dorms & school buildings together which make it seem as though we live in one big neighborhood. The roads here are quite rocky – no need for high heels here.  Speaking of shoes, everyone takes off their shoes to go inside houses & dorms, but we still need to have our floors mopped several times a week.  It’s “the dust of Africa” as they say.




DSCN4709 There are many different styles of houses around here.  Some are two story, some are ranch, some are duplexes.  Here are just a few examples I snapped pictures of.  The little white ranch in this last picture belongs to us!  It’s a great little house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and it suits us well. 

Taking a little walking tour down onto the campus of the school ….


The view as you look to your left on the way down to the school.


Next is the prayer chapel.  This building is open for prayer/devotions for staff members.  Our boys, however, insist this house belongs to the three bears.  We have yet to see any sign of them or Goldilocks though.


This building is called Centennial and is where our chapel and Sunday Worship services are held.  RVA has chapel daily; mandatory chapels are Monday, Wednesday & Friday and praise chapel is Tuesday & Thursday. 


Next is the laundry & arcade buildings.  For you Americans, it is not an arcade as we know it! Arcade in British English is a store.  This is the school store.



Moving on, just past the arcade is the clock tower and cafeteria.  Chai is served outside of the cafeteria immediately following chapel each morning. 


Speaking of chai, students hang their mugs off of this metal tree and retrieve them each morning during chai time.  Staff members have chai break at the same time in the staff room, and this includes a time of prayer & praise as well as announcements.




Classroom buildings & Dan’s Algebra 1 Classroom.  He is teaching four sections of Algebra 1 and one section of Math 7 this year.  He has about 90 students in grades 7-10 in these five classes. 


Kiambogo is the oldest building here at RVA.  The cornerstone was laid by Teddy Roosevelt in 1906 and back then the building was only as large as one room for the entire school.  It’s been added onto several times, evidenced by the mismatching brick on the building’s exterior.  Today, it houses the main office and business offices. 





This group of photos consists of the gymnasium, where JV and varsity basketball are played, the upper and lower rugby fields and one of the outdoor basketball courts.  The two small boys running across the rugby field are indeed Ethan & Nate.  We take them there periodically to let them run out their excess energy.  This outdoor basketball court happens to be near the elementary school and is called the Titchie court.  Ethan has informed us he needs a pair of roller skates to skate on this particular court as some of the bigger kids do. 





Titchie Swot (another British English term – this one meaning Little Learner) is the elementary school here at RVA.  It serves mainly "station kids” which are children whose parents work at RVA or at Kijabe Hospital, Moffat Bible College, or CURE Children’s Rehabilitation Center.  Behind the school is the playground – a favorite of my children.  There are also two Titchie dorms serving children in 5th and 6th grade, who do board here, but boarding at a young age is becoming the exception rather than the rule, as parents are finding more support for homeschooling children through at least the elementary years. 



Lastly on this tour of RVA are a few of the dorms.  The junior and senior high dorms are set up so that the dorm parents live in an apartment attached to the dorm.  They really become like family as they are able to study and hang out in their dorm parents’ place as well as take care of and be responsible for their own rooms & bathrooms in the dorm.  Our dorm parents have a 24/7 job taking care of their students.  They have one evening a week off-duty, where they receive dorm coverage to attend a Bible Study or be with their family without 18 tenth graders in their living room.  This year Dan is covering a dorm on Monday evenings from 6-9pm for a couple who traveled with us from the states. 

One last place here on campus that I forgot to take a picture of is student health.  These people are fabulous! We have three nurses on staff here who, between the three of them, are on call 24 hours a day.  They are available for consultations and will come pick up a sick student at any time of the night if need be.  They are able to supply OTC medication and have prescriptions filled as well as escort you to Kijabe Hospital for appointments or tests, etc.  They are a great resource to have here and we are very thankful for them!

Well, I think that may be just about all of the school.  I did leave out the maintenance building, although they are great too.  Hope you enjoyed your tour! 

Blessings to you this labor day weekend!  Celebrate for us – no labor day breaks here in Kenya!

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  1. hi guys,

    love reading your blog, getting to know your family and catching glimpses of life at RVA. we're joining you on staff in july (yay!), and i'm about to send out our official support letter. would you allow us to use several of your photos of campus in our letter? we'd love to be able to include the chai tree, kiambogo, the inside of the classroom, and titchie swot.

    you can email me at nicole k owens (at) yahoo (dot) com. thanks so much! can't wait to meet you in person. :)


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