Monday, August 6, 2012


ABO was packed schedule-wise.  We were in class all day, every day, learning a lot (a list is under construction and we’ll be posting soon!) and it was nice when our hosts organized a fun day for us.  One Saturday, Ethan and I had the opportunity to go on a safari!  Nate wasn’t feeling well, and Courtney and Evelyn stayed back, so it was a neat opportunity to spend time just the two of us. 

Below are a few pictures of some of the animals we saw.  Sorry, no elephants, lions, rhinos or hippos – it was a smaller game-park.  We tooled across the fields in two Toyota Land Cruisers owned by our host missionaries, some riding inside and some on top, rotating to give everyone a turn.  The top was fun but really bumpy and the novelty wore off pretty quickly as our bottoms conformed to the metal they were seated on! 


This monkey (and about 50 of his friends) were actually spotted at the ranch before we started on the safari through the grounds.  At first, it was really exciting seeing them and trying to get good pictures, but by the end of the day we realized just how like squirrels they are here – they’re everywhere and can get a little annoying trying to avoid!  But Ethan still loved them and was often trying to see how close he could get or what he could feed them.


Zebras were the first animals we spotted on the drive.  Very exciting and really beautiful seeing them running in herds across the plains.  This is the best picture I got of them but we ended up seeing A LOT of them throughout the day.  The problem was that we were usually in motion on very bumpy trails such that quality photography opportunities were hard to come by!


Here was our first giraffe spotting – he was alone and only about 20 yards from our vehicle…very cool :)


I wasn’t expecting to see any of these guys, but we ended up seeing several ostriches!


Daddy and Ethan bonding without seat-belts on the top of a Land Cruiser on safari in AFRICA!!  :)


Our caravan…Ethan loved being on top and his legs were short enough he could hang them down and still not obscure the driver’s view.

We also saw lots of wildebeest and eland (world’s biggest antelope-type animal), as well as several families of warthogs and a few gazelles.  Unfortunately pictures for most of these didn’t turn out so well. 

Overall a very fun experience – we look forward to other opportunities in the future!

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  1. Loving your posts and seeing you in Africa! You look like you all belong there for sure! Prayed for you today at the Office. Love from us here in PTC!


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