Friday, July 6, 2012

Comic Relief: Packing Quiz

Notice the title preface of this post's title:  comic relief

Please understand that, at this point in the process, we are the ones who need the comic relief.  This week has been non-stop crazy.  After spending a wonderfully relaxing week with Dan's family in the Adirondacks (there may be a future blog entry on what a blessing that was!), we returned to way more on the to-do list than is usually possible for two semi-sane humans.  That's not to mention the three arrows in our quiver who are always reminding us that they're along for the ride too!  So amidst the packing, sorting, throwing away, giving away, selling, storing, re-packing, re-sorting, babysitting drop-offs and pick-ups, blind dog potty breaks (don't ask), and don't forget a handful of farewell events, we are trying our best to find the joy, lean on our Savior, and maybe share a little bit of what we're learning with you.  With that said, if you happen to gain a few chuckles at our expense, all the better!
Pencils ready?  No peeking at the answers until the end.  You may begin.

In or Out.  You must decide whether or not the Schmidt's decided to pack for Africa each of the following items.  If you believe the item made the cut and is headed over the Atlantic next week, enter an "I" for "In" on the space provided.  If you're pretty sure that would be a ridiculous thing to take and the Schmidts certainly did NOT include that in the 18 bags they packed (are packing) this week, enter an "O" for "Out" on the space provided.  If you have actually taken time to read this entire set of directions, you earned 3 bonus points.  Well done, type A personality!

1.  ___ Courtney's favorite saucepan
2.  ___ Dan's sleeping bag
3.  ___ Ethan, Nate, and Evelyn's pillow pets
4.  ___ Nine seasons of Seinfeld on DVD
5.  ___ Dan's hammer
6.  ___ Dan's hatchet
7.  ___ Courtney's sewing machine
8.  ___ Our children's baby books
9.  ___ Courtney's coffee pot
10. ___ Dinosaur Train action figures
11. ___ Bob the Builder action figures
12. ___ Ipad
13. ___ Ipod
14. ___ Two mugs from Cafe Kolache
15. ___ 3 pounds of pepperoni
16. ___ 1.5 gallons of pure maple syrup
17. ___ Ethan's scooter
18. ___ Nate's scooter
19. ___ Crockpot
20. ___ Ethan and Nate's piggy bank

Answer key:  1) O 2) O 3) I 4) I 5) I 6) O 7) I 8) O 9) O 10) I 11) O 12) I 13) O 14) I 15) I 16) O - only taking 1/2 gallon - too heavy! 17) I 18) O 19) O 20) I 

No cheating!  How did you do?

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  1. You totally should have kept the answers till tomorrow :) I did pretty well, although we had a convo about this stuff a few days ago, so I had an "in".


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