Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chai break

One thing I’ve found in my limited experience in Africa, they like to break for tea.

There are two 15 minute breaks in our day, once at 10:30am and again at 3:30pm.  We’re served hot beverages and a snack at both tea times & I thought I’d show you a few things we’ve been enjoying!

In Kenya, tea is called chai and is a brewed black tea with milk and sugar.  We have chai in abundance here in Kenya.  I’m still preferring to enjoy a cup of black coffee at chai break, but maybe tea will grow on me…



This is a samosa.  It’s a triangular meat filled pastry and it is fabulous!



These are mandazi.  They are essentially a plain cake donut or a funnel cake without the powdered sugar.



This is a crepe.  It tastes a lot like a plain pancake, but its great sprinkled with sugar!



Now this one was my favorite so far! One of our leaders here likes to reward quality answers in class with Snickers bars.  You never know when your answer might just earn you a full size candy bar!  I didn’t win this particular Snickers, but Dan did, and he gave it to me!  What a treat that was!! It’s amazing how good something tastes when its not easily accessible and its been weeks since you’ve seen one.  Ha!

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