Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Transition & Targets

We are in a time of great transition right now.  Having sold our house and moved into a much smaller house in a neighboring town, we are transitioning.  Having sold many of our things and needing to pack many more things, we are transitioning.  Having to resign from a full-time teaching job and lean hard on those committed to giving, we are transitioning.  Having to hand over my MOPS responsibilities to another and attend final Bible Studies & Sunday Schools, we are transitioning. 
And it won’t end when we get to Africa, we will spend the first three weeks on the campus of a Seminary for Africa Based Orientation; our family of five living out of one room.  We will be transitioning.

Very little is set in stone. The whole process has been very fluid, things changing as we move along,  but we did receive some dates and a flight itinerary recently.  It seems things are starting to solidify.. the plan is coming together.  We will drive to Atlanta on Monday, July 9th with our whole lives bagged up and we will board a plane on the morning of July 12th. Typically we would fly through London to Nairobi, but because the Summer Olympics are in London this year, we are flying through Zurich, Switzerland!  Unfortunately all we’ll see of Zurich will be the airport.  Another time maybe.
As I mentioned, we will spend the first three weeks at Africa Based Orientation and we will arrive at our new home in Kijabe, Kenya on August 7th!! 

How are we feeling?  Excited & Scared & Overwhelmed & Sad & Hopeful & Encouraged – All at the Same time!  We have many emotions associated with being SENT, but we are abundantly Joyful in all of this.  The Lord has been our strength throughout this process.  And He never changes or grows weary. 

We reached 100% of our support targets for both outgoing expenses and pledged monthly giving!!  YAY!  Last July we received our target amounts and thought, there is NO way we will be able to raise this much money in less than a year. We decided, though, that if God is calling us to GO in 2012, He will make a way. And He did!  We have been blown away by the generosity and love of our family in Christ.  We are humbled and encouraged and thankful for each and every one of our supporters. 
We would love to hear from you and know that you are praying for us.   And we would love to be praying for you. 
Please be in touch!
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