Thursday, April 19, 2012

the good-byes begin (a tribute to our home)

We’re selling our house.  Most of you who have been keeping up on our goings-on know that.  The time when we no longer own this place is fast approaching, in fact we’re moving this weekend.


Three and a half years ago, we moved into this charming fixer-upper.  The house and yard had been neglected for a while, but boy did it have potential!! We cut down brush (and plenty of trees) that were much too overgrown and suffocated the property.  We loved on the house, remodeling both bathrooms ourselves, pulling up all that nasty carpet to expose those gorgeous hardwoods, transforming the second floor entirely with some paint & hard work.  Hopefully after these last three years of labor & love, its potential is starting to come to the surface. 

DSCN1103 - CopyDSCN3020 - Copy

I decorated the only way I know how – vintage loveliness – using what I have. I painted and re-painted until it was just right.


  DSCN1322 - Copy



Dan did what he does best – builds.  He built a fabulous sandbox playhouse out back (at the end of the sidewalk that went nowhere – remember “potential”). The following year he added a fort to the top, complete with trap door and slide.  He’s so gifted with his rough carpentry skills.  He built a fire-pit out there and we affectionately named the back “Camp 550” since 550 was our house number.



Ethan was 13 months when we bought this place.  Nate and Evelyn joined our family since moving here.  This has been a wonderful home for our growing family and boy are we sad to leave it.  Lots of tears have been shed this week & I’m sure they will continue.

We’ve been talking to the boys about moving to Beaver and going to Africa, about what the Lord has called us to.  In Ethan’s words, “It will be a little happy and a little sad to move.  I’ll miss my fort.” 

We’re going to come back to this place next week to take the swings down with the kids, to let them play one more time on the fort, to say our good-byes to this home and to our great neighbors. 

We know that all that we own, including this house is the Lord’s anyway.  We are SO thankful for the blessing it’s been to our family these last few years and so we offer it back to Him this week. 

He has called us elsewhere, He’s taking care of each detail, one by one, and we are amazed to watch Him work.  He’s provided us a lovely move-in ready rental in Beaver that we’re able to stay in for 2 1/2 months.  He’s preparing us for our move to RVA this summer and He’s even preparing a place for us in Heaven. 

Blessed be His Name!  What a great God we serve!


  1. So sad to read this & think of the kiddos saying goodbye to their beloved backyard but what a powerful message the Lord is delivering to them thru you & Dan as you find joy in His provision! I pray for you & your family that this transition to Beaver first will more prepare you & the kids for Africa & that you will continue to see Him working to make it all fall into place the way He intends. Much love & many prayers for all of you!

  2. So glad I didn't see the house or fort before you sold it to someone else. What a great home! Blessings to you and your family in this time of change.


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