Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Has it really been a month…

since we last posted? Almost. Wow! Well lets play catch-up – shall we?

The Christmas season flew by, didn’t it? We had an awesome time with both sides of the family, stretching all the way back to Thanksgiving weekend, which we spent with Dan’s family in Western NY. Doubling up on the holidays, we had Thanksgiving lunch at his sister Rachel’s house and Christmas dinner that same night at his parent’s home. With all 20 of their grandchildren in attendance at both locations, it was a full day to say the least! Our boys have come to treasure the time they get to spend with their cousins and they continue to talk constantly about them, even now a couple months later! We always feel so encouraged by our time with Dan’s family – as parents, children, and friends. What a blessing they are to us!






As if hosting a Thanksgiving meal (for 35!!)weren’t enough, later that same weekend Dale and Rachel also hosted our very first Munchies and Missions event outside of PA. We loved meeting several couples from the church Dale pastors and catching up with Dan’s cousin, Ruth Emma, who we haven’t seen in forever! As one of the snacks, Dale created what we think was a masterpiece. I present to you, the African cheeseball! If you can’t tell, the little sign marks the approximate geographical location of Kijabe, Kenya, where Rift Valley Academy is, complete with a Kenyan flag!


We also had the pleasure of spending several days over Christmas weekend with Courtney’s family down in Virginia at her sister Bri and Brandon’s house. Lots of fun, lots of presents, lots of good food! We all fit quite snugly in their new condominium for several nights and were blessed to worship at their awesome church on Christmas Eve! Any time our kids get to spend with Oma and Buddy is treasured, so we were thankful to have a rare extended weekend with them this year. Even Nana made the trip down, which was special too. Covering all the bases in one trip, Courtney’s dad, Randy and his wife, Suzi, came into town and were able to spend a day with us at the tail-end of our stay there. God definitely had a hand in helping me pack the van after all that celebrating – sooooo many presents!





We will have more for you soon regarding our timeline and support raising, etc. But we wanted to share how we rounded out 2011.

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