Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Caring for Missionaries

If you have a few minutes, read this post from the Myhre family (missionary doctors at Kijabe Hospital). It gives great perspective about the role that Kijabe station & RVA play for missionaries in Eastern Africa and great insight into that to which we've been called and feel so strongly about - the care of the missionary family.

"The role of home base. Of safe spot to return to, to launch from. Of accessible food and medical care, of organized worship and recreation, of abundance of relationship. Kijabe and RVA are like the hub at the center of the wheel of missions in East Africa. People pass through because they have history here, or friends. Or because they're sick and need care. Or because their kids are here."

"Kijabe was a place whose existence allowed us to survive, and to continue living on a dangerous front line. RVA was a place which allowed our two oldest to progress further in school without having to return to America. The existence of this sprawling station with its resources was a safety net for us."

Click the link below to read the entire post. It will only take a few minutes.


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