Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Word of the Year

Have you heard of this? Rather than make a list of resolutions that we are sure never to keep, come up with one word that summarizes what you want for the year ahead. In some ways maybe that’s harder – narrowing it down to one word that properly summarizes an entire list of goals or aspirations we have for the months ahead. In other ways, I like it a whole lot better. I don’t have to pile on the guilt of not sticking to my resolutions three weeks into January.

The Lord placed a word on my heart before I came across this “word of the year” thing. My word for 2012 is


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Enjoy. And not in the “eat, drink and be merry” sense. That’s fleeting and empty. I mean ENJOY in the intentional, Christ-centered sense.

I want to savor and ENJOY the Lord more. I meet with Him (nearly) every morning in the stillness before the pitter-patter summons me to seemingly endless tasks and needs. Oh how I ENJOY the quiet. And I long to ENJOY His Word more and more.

Speaking of pitter-patter, I want to ENJOY my children where they are. I know it’s impossible to love every minute of staying home with my kids, but I’m trying to stop a few times a day to ENJOY them, love on them and laugh with them, instead of hurrying them and snapping at them.

I want to ENJOY time with those closest to me. I have some incredible friends that I count on to be praying for me and walking with me in this stage of life. And I want to ENJOY our friendship. I also have family who love me and love my kids, and I want to ENJOY that love and our time together.

We were made to be in community. God put us into families and into communities of faith to grow. And He wants us to have real, rich, meaningful, fellowship with those He placed us in community with. How often do I not seek out that community God put me in because frankly its easier to be alone and why do I think I can grow by all by myself?

So, ENJOY. Enjoy family. Enjoy close friendships. Enjoy my circumstances. Enjoy the Lord.

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