Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pray for Tim Tebow!

I wanted to give a shout–out to my new favorite NFL player, Tim Tebow. Since I can no longer stomach rooting for the Buffalo Bills this season (any hopes of the playoffs ended weeks ago), I’ve given my allegiance to another, and specifically to one who consistently places his allegiance squarely in the name of his and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What an awesome witness. He’s got the entire professional sports community to a point where they can’t help but talk about Christ!

I was thinking about how crazy his season has been (plays quarterback for the Denver Broncos and has led them to a recent six-game winning streak including several come-from-behind-late-in-the-game victories) and how inspiring his unapologetic witness continues to be. I found myself praying for him! When was the last time an unbelievably famous celebrity figure (and if you’ve paid ANY attention to ANY sports network within the last several years, you know the name Tim Tebow and probably a good portion of his story), who proclaimed the name of Christ didn’t make portions of the Christian community cringe with anxiety as they wait for the inevitable backslide?

This kid has been put under the microscope and scrutinized ruthlessly on a national stage by sports and non-sports media alike that are absolutely salivating over the possibility of a slip-up or dent in his seemingly flawless image. All they can come up with is a few smart remarks over how his throwing motion is different than it should be and how he’s constantly praying! It's not like this Tebow obsession is new either - the media has been following him since his college days at the University of Florida, winning championships and a Heisman Trophy, all the while running through linebackers, creating controversy by writing John 3:16 on his eye black, and starting press conferences with a note of thankfulness to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Sure, they’ve ripped apart his athletic abilities, pegging him incapable of playing in the NFL with any success at quarterback (already proven false, by the way). But they can’t get over the fact that he is an outspoken Christian who’s saving himself for marriage, loves his Savior while giving Him all the glory, and has taken over Denver and the rest of the country with unparalleled popularity even so! They know what to do with the “bad boy” in sports, but Tebow? It’s comical how clueless they are.

By the grace of God, Tebow’s image has remained untouched – nobody can seem to get under his skin, make him screw-up on camera, embarrass him about his faith or catch him doing anything that would make his mother blush. This is reason to both praise our Lord for such a unique and bold witness and get on our knees in prayer for someone at whom Satan’s arrows are no doubt aimed. So please, the next time you think about it, pray for Tim Tebow.

**A few disclaimers for those who follow sports and know how much of a diehard Bills fan I am:
1. I am aware that Tebow's win streak just ended by losing to the much loathed Patriots. I waited to post on purpose so I could either gloat more if he won, or prove that I will not be swayed in my new-found-fanhood of him simply because of one loss...
2. I am also aware that Tebow's Broncos face off in Buffalo this coming week. Sorry Bills (and fellow Bills diehards) - I'M ROOTING FOR TEBOW!!

Ok, just one more:

3. I am further aware that this post has seemingly nothing to do with missions. Key word: seemingly. Tim Tebow was born to missionary parents in the Philippines, and he is currently living (as we all should be) as a witness each and every day for Christ, proclaiming his faith without hesitation. Isn’t that exactly what being a missionary is all about?

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