Saturday, November 12, 2011

Caption Contest RESULTS!!!

Before we announce the results of our caption contest, we wanted to post a few captions that didn't make it onto the actual blog page...mostly facebook comments.

Andrew Dinardo: They're doing a duet to "How he Loves"
Nicolas Kroger: they're obviously laughing at Martha Schartner when I beat her at cornhole
Carl Dawson: Africa? We're going to Africa? Wait, where is Africa?
Andrew Dinardo: Ok new one: "Student Leadership Retreat!!!"
Paulette (Grandma) Schmidt: Nate- "Ethan bit my finger!", Ethan- "I didn't mean to, he put it in my mouth!"
Scott Pearce: Too hard to keep it clean. I withdraw from participation.
Marc DeJeu: "Fire in the hole!"
Rachel Maize: and then Mommy told Daddy, "I really have no interest in missions overseas..."

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for...
The winner is...

Grandma Schmidt! She clearly captured the most likely quote from her grandsons!

Lucky for us, there isn't a Wendy's anywhere NEAR her, so, we'll have to owe you, Mom. You can cash in next time you visit or we'll get you the KFC equivalent of a frosty when you visit us in KENYA! :)

Honorary mention* goes to Andrew Dinardo...he really wanted to win. Good effort, Nards!
* Honorary mentions DO NOT qualify the individual for the prize of a Frosty.

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