Friday, July 29, 2011

Why Blog?

Part 6: Why Blog?

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The first answer to this is pretty tell our story! We've had the opportunity to share with a lot of people different aspects of the journey that God has had us on for the past several years, but rarely do we get to lay it all out in a conversational setting. This is our chance! We have us the ability to put it all out there, answer any and all questions, and give our friends, family, and supporters the BIG picture. Reason number 1: what has happened.

A second reason, that stems from the first is prayer. We have no desire to enter into this calling without ourselves and our loved ones bathing the whole thing in prayer. A blog gives us the opportunity to share with you what God is doing, where we need your prayers, and how God is answering them! Reason number 2: what's currently happening.

A third answer to the question "why blog?" is to keep those closest to us exactly that - close to us! We plan to post pictures and stories, funny stuff, sad stuff, confusing stuff - basically, we hope to share our lives with you while we are still here in the states and while we are overseas. Others have shared with us how they were able to live far from their loved ones and yet maintain strong relationships with them. Some have shared that they've even grown closer since being away. We are looking forward to maintaining strong healthy bonds with those closest to us.
It's also for those who may not know us at all...those that have a passion for missions, for unreached people groups, for ministering to missionary children, for Rift Valley Academy or Africa Inland Mission. It's for people like Courtney, who stumbled upon someone else's blog years ago and started down a path that eventually led us to this point - sharing our own story of God's call to build up and edify the body of Christ (Eph. 4:29). Reason number 3: what's going to happen.

Finally, we do hope to use this blog as a backup and source of information for those who feel called to support us financially. Reason number 4: what needs to happen!

More about that in our next post!

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