Friday, July 22, 2011

Why AIM?

Part 5: Why AIM?

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Africa Inland Mission (AIM) is the mission organization we have applied with and been appointed to. There are many great organizations out there doing their part to fulfill the great commission across the globe. So why AIM?
Originally, our answer to that question was pretty simple: "They run Rift Valley Academy"

We originally stumbled upon Rift Valley Academy (RVA) through a blog written by (then) short term dorm parents there, Paul and Carolyn Koning at Konings In Kenya. Paul and Carolyn actually had a history with RVA that led them back there to serve with their children in 2007-2008. From their blog, we were led to Ryan and Heather Murphy's blog Strangers In Kenya and Ryan's first book All that You Can't Leave Behind. The Murphy's currently teach at RVA.

And so it was, just as teaching missionary children kept showing up without us looking for it, so did this school.

Through that blog and others, as well as meeting a surprising number of people with connections to RVA over the past couple years, we fell in love with their mission. This is where we wanted to be. If we wanted to serve there, we needed to become members of AIM. It was all very logical, at first.
So we began the application process in the summer of 2010.

To our great pleasure, AIM is an exceptional mission organization! Their motto is "Christ-centered churches among all African peoples" They've been around for over 100 years, spreading the message of Christ across the continent of Africa. They have their own aviation ministry (AIM Air), flying missionaries and supplies in and out of places unreachable by automobile. They run seminaries, teach in schools, plant churches, serve in hospitals, and more. But above all, they cover all of their ministries in prayer. They are God-centered, Ministry-focused, and Member-oriented. And we are so thankful. Please, check out their website here or by the links on the left-hand side of the blog. There you'll find lots of cool resources, articles, videos, etc.

Our journey to officially go forward with AIM concluded the same week they decided to officially go forward with us. Just about a month ago, in June 2011, we attended their Candidate Week in Pearl River, NY. It was basically a two-way interview combined with training for folks who were exploring the opportunity to serve with AIM. In short, the week was awesome! We were encouraged, affirmed, and reassured that this was, in fact, the place God wanted us, pursuing the organization God led us to. Looking back on the week, I'm not sure it could have gone any better - not once did we feel like we were in the wrong place, or with the wrong group. We were covered in prayer by friends and family while we were there, and God answered in awesome ways! If you were part of that, we thank you! It was so cool to be there knowing that's exactly where God wanted us.

The bottom line is this: At this point in our journey, we no longer are with AIM simply because of RVA. We are all about AIM because of it's passion to see Africa reached for Christ, because of it's century-long commitment to see that happen, and because God has brought us together to play a small part in that.

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