Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why Africa?

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Part 2: Why Africa?

Sharing this story with others has been a learning experience in and of itself. If there have been objections to our pursuit of this, they've come in the form of questions like "Why Africa?" or "What's wrong with living and serving where you already are?" or "Why raise thousands of dollars and drag your family half-way around the world (by the way, Africa is only about a third of the way around the globe, for you fellow math geeks) if you can do good Christian ministry where the Lord has already placed you?" or "Aren't there enough needs here in the U.S. as it is? People need Jesus here too!"

First of all, these are all valid questions and there is validity to the concerns some folks have brought to our attention. If you are one of the people that has presented these concerns to us, thank you! You've forced us to look deeper, study more closely, and pray harder as we pursue our Lord.

But let this be said too. God gives a specific call to each of his followers. See the previous post, or if you aren't convinced, you can reference our kids' Bible (which we love) found here; God called Noah to build an ark in the middle of the desert; God called Abram "to the land I will show you"; God called Joseph into slavery; God called Moses into, then out of, then back into, then back out of Egypt; He called Daniel into a lion's den; He called Jonah to Nineveh; Jesus called fishermen to be fishers of men; Jesus called Lazarus out of a tomb; He called Zacchaeus out of tree; God called Paul to minister to the Gentiles; God has called millions of Christians for 2000 years to thousands of places around the globe; And God calls us to pick up our cross (Luke 9:23) and follow Him today. It is up to us to follow that call, come what may.

So, why Africa?

Africa, because Acts 1:8 calls us to be His witnesses "to the ends of the earth"

Africa, because there are over 900 people groups there that have no viable witness to the saving power of Jesus Christ's work on the cross

Africa, because God loves people on that continent just as much as people in North America

Africa, because God has blessed the U.S. with a church on almost every corner, multiple Bibles in every home (and in our language), and with millions of Christians who feel called to stay and do His work right here

Africa, because He placed it on my heart a long time ago

Africa, because, by His grace, Courtney is just as passionate about serving there as I ever have been

Africa, because that's where He's called us to go

Africa, because God says so

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